Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer of Socks

Otherwise titled: "What I Knit This Summer"

These have been my summer knitting projects. Two were completed early and sent to the Iowa State Fair. The pair I won a 2nd place ribbon for are the ones I dyed the main color yarn myself in the crockpot. I also worked up Wendy Johnson's pattern for SOS 2008. They are the striped pair on the left. I loved the Felici yarn from Knit Picks. Not so wild about the pattern. Because the lace is a repetitive yo, ssk on one round, the whole sock tends to "twist" on the foot making it uncomfortable on the foot. Perhaps if the lace pattern had stopped at the ankle and the foot been knit without it, I may like it better.

The grey sock on the righ is my WIP (well actually, its mate is on the needles now, that one is--obviously--finished.) I'm using the nine to five pattern from Ravelry and LOVING it! Easy to memorize with a fun little twist on the heel flap/gusset to add interest to the experience. The yarn is KnitPicks Essential Tweed in Flint. Also loving the yarn.

The center pair is my other state fair entry. Knit from KnitPicks Pallette. This way my third time making up that pattern which is fun and goes quickly, obviously since its just an ankle sock. The judge commented "Learn Kitchener to close your toes." I DID use Kitchener to close the toes and it looked darned near perfect in my estimation. I'm not sure the judge knew what she/he was talking about! (Another person in the competition had knit a seamless baby sweater in the round and the judge made the remark "Nice seaming work" on hers. Go figure!)

Anywho, I've got plenty o'work to get back to as these final days of August slip by. The book is coming along and deadlines are FAST approaching! This is my favorite interior picture shot for it.

Take care and happy knitting/shooting!