Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Canadian Butterflies

On the Art Abandonment page of Facebook I ran across a fellow from British Columbia, Canada who made 2012 butterflies with the message "Find your freedom in 2012" on the back. They also have a magnet strip. Harry was running out of places to put out his little treasures so asked if anyone in the group wanted to help out.

Of course many of us jumped in and said we'd love to put some out there for him!

My batch of beauties arrived late last week. Today I set them free on the metal posts outside of the Trolley Center downtown.

I put them out on my way into my weekly "sit-n-knit" group. I was there a couple of hours and when I returned to my car over half of the butterflies had flown off to new homes. I am hoping the rest will have been taken by the end of the day!

Thanks for letting me part of your cool project Harry!