Friday, July 30, 2010

Now The Waiting

The postcards from the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon arrived yesterday. I have always, and still do, maintained that simply to be exhibited is an honor. I know that for the past few years only one in three entries gets hung up and that the number of potential exhibitors and entries continues to increase, making the odds of being a part of the show even tougher.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I turned my postcard over to see the results and found this:

I sent in three entries this year and two of the three will be exhibited! It also appears that I have won a ribbon for one of the two! As a reminder, here are the photographs I sent.

Entered in the Color Plants & Flowers category.

Entered in the Color Iowa Architecture category.

Entered in the Color USA Places category.

We had been talking about whether or not to attend the fair this year. A large factor for me is the heat and humidity of August and my inability to tolerate it for very long without becoming physically ill. However, the arrival of this postcard adds a wrinkle to the mix for me.

(Although there is a reception and award ceremony on August 10, the evening before the fair opens at which I would have the chance to see what I won and which two photos are being shown.)

I also have six entries over in the Varied Industries Building in the Fabric & Threads competition (knitting).

Of course I'd LOVE to know exactly what the results are for both events . . . but for now it's a lesson in patience and waiting.

Happy shooting and knitting!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fibery Goodness from WI

I finally had two minutes to sit down and photograph the fiber acquisitions I procured while on vacation in Wisconsin this month.

My first stop was at the Sievers School of Fiber Arts on Washington Island. While they carried mostly brands of yarn which were familiar to me, I wanted to go there when we visited the island because I was interested in the fact that they host spinning classes (among other things!!) and had heard that some of the locally handspun yarns were for sale. (I knew I didn't have the type of budget that would support buying a wheel or anything.)

As it turns out, they also had a wonderful supply of a variety of fibers ready to be spun! I came home with these:

This is some gorgeous 90% mohair, 10% wool roving which feels like it will provide a luxury spinning/spindling experience!! I believe it will be enough when spun up and plied to at least make a pair of mittens or a hat. This will be the ultimage souvenir!

My other stop was at Spin in Sturgeon Bay (conveniently located right next door to DC Coffee on Madison Street--another great stop!!). We were on our way out of Door County and headed home, but boy am I glad I went in!!

Here's a peek at my bag:

Can you guess what's inside?

First is a sock yarn that is new to me.

It's called Unisono and is made in Germany. I believe there is aloe in it and the content is 100% new wool, superwash. The 100g hank has 300m in it.

I love this yarn because it will forever remind me of the cherries and Sunset Splash wine we enjoyed in Door County! (Now I just need to find a sock pattern that has a cherry motif!)

My second find was a new type of sock yarn from one of my favorite yarns, Regia. This is their "Hand-dye Effect" yarn and has a unique, "crimped" type of plying.

I guess I was in a warm mood that day because this colorway jumped off the shelf at me. It's a very generous 420 m, 100 g ball. I can't wait to see how it looks knit up!

Finally, la piece de resistance: a yarn I have read about many times but never had the pleasure to see in person until I crossed the threshhold at Spin.

It's Claudia Handpainted Silk!

This is the Desert Dusk colorway in lace weight. There are 1100 yards in the hank and should make a truly gorgeous shawl!

I did stop in at another delightful shop in Fish Creek, Red Sock Yarns. Unfortunately I was under attack by the mother of all migraines and had to exit the store hastily. When I get back to Door County, I intend to return to Red Sock Yarns and spend some time shopping...and perhaps even knitting!

Happy Knitting!

p.s. I found out that my name is listed among the exhibitors for the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon! I entered 3 photos and I'm not sure what may have made it through. Last year only 1 in 3 entries was exhibited, so I feel fortunate to have something hanging!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember When?

They used to make jokes about getting asked over to watch someone's slide show after they had traveled?

Well, here's your invite!

(Popcorn or other refreshments not included.
This is a six minute time commitment.)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

Here we are in our basement.

(Of course I'm exagerating; our basement was only ankle deep. This is Lake Michigan.)

We had a deluge of rain a couple nights ago, and more random storms/showers off and on since. The cats have taken to sitting near the front door because our sump pump running non-stop is like magic fingers/kitty massage on the floor in that area.

Updates on fibery things soon . . . I hope.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

WI Says Hi

We're back from our vacation in neighboring Wisconsin. Spent a few days in Door County, which is the little "thumb" peninsula of Wisconsin surrounded by Green Bay on the west and Lake Michigan on the east. It's a very scenic place with a ton to see and do. Here are some photo highlights of the trip!

Madison, the state capitol

Green Bay

Vince Lombardi

Peninsula State Park


Supper time! (Fish boil)

Lake Michigan

Cave Point County Park, Lake Michigan

Cana Island Lighthouse, Lake Michigan

Washington Island Ferry pier guardian

Stavekirkje, Washington Island

Maritime Museum on Washington Island

Chippewa Falls - brewery (which is fun to type given the placement of the keys!)

Next time: a bit about my fiber finds from Door County and Washington Island.