Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Torn Between Two Loves

Ever have a day (or week!) of not being able to do a thing because there are too many choices???

On the one hand are all the things I "should" be doing: dishes, picking up, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and dusting........(does this list ever go away????)

On the other hand there are the things I'd LOVE to be doing: knitting or scrapbooking/photography. I've currently got three knitting projects going. One is a second sock (somehow hard to get motivated for!) One is a new child's sized sock using Lorna's Laces leftovers. One is a worsted weight slipper sock for a Christmas gift on US 6 dpns.

I also just received all the print copies of the photos from our early August vacation in the UP of Michigan. I'd love to sit down and begin to lay them out in our vacation scrapbook (I've even got the perfect artwork dreamt up for the title page!!)

Ahhhh! Too many choices! I feel torn between my loves of knitting and photos. (Not to mention the fact that somewhere in the gray middle ground between "should" and "love" lies the fact I feel I should also be out shooting some images for potential sale! We could use the income!!)

Do any of you suffer from this dilema? How do you solve it? I find I can get enslaved to this mentality and end up not accomplishing much for several days in a row. If you've got any words of wisdom to share, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Simple Socks (&more!)

Well, I finally finished the simple socks I was making out of Lorna's Laces in a purple varigated. I did 2 socks at once on 2 circs. I'm not sure the legs are long enough to be cuffed and still look good. As it turns out, I would have had plenty to make them longer. Live and learn I guess!

I've also managed to finish the first sock that went beyond a "simple" pattern. I followed the pattern for "Eagle's Flight" socks using Socka Fortissima and US size 2 dpns. I feel silly for not diving in and trying something "harder" earlier! I think these socks look great and I'm sure my Christmas recipient will love them!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip

Just got home from our vacation to
Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.
We were in the western part, specifically on the Keweenaw Peninsula. This is the view looking south along the shore from our cabin's deck. Serene, beautiful, restful, healing. We shared our bit of the shore with loons, gulls and a family of bald eagles that flew over and went fishing every day we were there.

I surprised myself by not doing as much knitting as I thought I might. Instead, I found many wonderful photo opportunities and took some time to read Karen Armstrong's book The Spiral Staircase. (A very good read by the way!) Now that we're home, I'll be posting the occasional shot from vacation as well as diving back into my knitting projects (Christmas is just around the corner after all!!) Stay tuned for a pair of Lorna's Laces socks in purple that are nearly completed........(doing 2 socks at once on 2 circs.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moc Crocs

This being sweet corn season in Iowa,
I couldn't resist trying out this lovely
Sockotta yarn from Plymouth that reminds me of the fields and tables in our area. (Not to mention a little blue skies too!)

This is a new pattern to me--it's "Moc Croc Sock" available on the Knit Picks website in their free section. I used US#2 dpns on this project and the finishes sock will fit a women's size 6-7.

I love the way they turned out really looking and feeling almost reptilian! (Not sure the picture does it justice!)

Just had to share......Happy Knitting!