Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, I haven't completely fallen off the planet. I have been subjected to the earth's spinning of late. (Another week of off-and-on-again dizziness, nausea, etc.)

I have, however, managed to make a bit of progress on the knitting front. Here's the first of the Heart Mitts I designed myself completed.

I must say I've learned a bit about shaping and patterns in the decrease area at the top. This pattern cuts it precariously close. I'm working on another pattern based on Frank Lloyd Wright's designs which I will have to rethink the top area in the decrease section. In the mean time I have cast on Heart Mitt #2 so that I'll have a feasible pair to give at Christmas.

I've also cast on a lovely little piece of lace work which will be a gift as well. This is only my second piece of actual lace work. (The first was the shawl I made which resides with my grandmother.)(Why do I keep giving these pieces away?!?) Here's a sneak peak of the work in progress (obviously not blocked yet...)

I'm using fingering weight yarn with the colorway "Tidepool Heather" and US #9 needles. Guage isn't critical for this project. I think I'm going to like the end result.

It's been a busy week for me with work projects and the magazine deadline looming large. Also another big advertising project is coming in, so I need to schedule lots of interviews for next week. All in all, it's good to stay busy.

Here's hoping everyone has a good weekend!

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Moved In

We got our eldest moved in to her new home at the college dorm on Friday. There were large groups of students awaiting the arrival of the freshmen who descended upon vehicles and took everything to the room for us....yeah! Never having lived in a dorm myself, I was pleasantly surprised with how much room they have. She's got a busy 4 days of orientation with lots of activities and even some classes already mixed in. The semester officially starts on Tuesday. We're really excited and happy for her! (A bit envious too, to be totally truthful! I loved my college experience and would go back to school in a heartbeat!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Bank

This is the new bank in town.

Higher Education

I've been shooting photos of the new building on the campus of our local community college. It's a very cool building....and green too! Here is one photo, four ways.
(Gotta love Photoshop!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

From Chart to Mittens

I started in on the mittens I made the chart for. This is what they look like in red and white:

This is the first pair I've done working a different palm pattern than what is on the back of the hand. I really like it!

The blue line in there is where I will put in the thumb once the hand is finished.

We'll see how frustrated I get trying to find the pattern which will make the decreases at the top look ok.

On a completely different note, my recognizance team at the state fair over the weekend reported in Saturday afternoon. Two of my four projects sent in had ribbons attached to them!!! Yeah!! The mittens had a 3rd place ribbon and the entrelac tote which is felted had a 4th place. I'm so happy to have won two ribbons!! I'm the teeniest tad bit disappointed that I didn't do as well, place-wise, as my 2nd Place ribbon of last year......but that minute shadow of dissapointment is quickly overcome by the sheer happiness of receiving two ribbons! (I really only had hopes that the mittens would get a ribbon of some the other is icing on the cake!!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Chart

I printed off some knitter's graph paper and have been playing around with some charting for a mitten pattern of my own design.

This will be the back of the hand:

I plan to do the palm in alternating vertical rows of color. Right now I can't decide if I want to do black mittens with the pattern in red . . .


red mittens with the pattern in white......

What do you think??

Here's the pattern for the wrist area:

I will likely use the Latvian 2-color cast on and do a fringed edge with a braided band above it before beginning the wrist pattern. If I don't think the wrist is long enough, I can add another braid before starting the main heart pattern.

Not sure who the receipient will be. It will be fun to see how it looks knit up. I may find I have to adjust the chart. We'll see. It's kind of cool though!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

From the Top

I realized I hadn't posted the most obvious photos from our St. Louis trip--those from the arch. Amanda captured most of these, from either the van or at the top. I didn't go up this time, but waited down below with my knitting project in hand.

Enjoy the view!

Arriving at the riverfront:

Bridges over the Mississippi River:


Downtown St. Louis (& beyond!):

Busch Stadium:

The Old Courthouse:

From the base (see the windows at the top??!!):

This last is the only one of the bunch I took. Seeing the city from the top of the arch is pretty cool! If you go: be prepared for a LOOOONG security check point if you go in the north entrance (closest to the parking ramp). [Tip: walk around to the other entrance. Almost no one does, meaning the security line there is WAAAY shorter!] Be prepared to remove your belt and have everything scanned. They do refuse to admit people in this post-9/11 world. They turned the 3 people in line ahead of us around and wouldn't let them in after they failed the metal detector 3 times.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blog Contest Alert!

Hey! My friend (& godmother of my kids!) is having a contest on her blog to celebrate her 135th post.

She's an avid sewer and made the CUTEST hat which she's giving away!

Go check it out at:

Sew Not My Day.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Union Station

Union Station was St. Louis' railroad hub back when long-distance travel meant taking the passenger train. Today it is a shopping center and hotel complex. Still, the architecture is wonderful. And you can't beat lunch at Hard Rock!

Note to any and all persons who may have ever visited Union Station with us: Even though there seemed to be fewer shops inside, The Fudgery is still there. They still sing. They still give a free sample following the "show." The fudge is still really good!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kid Paradise

The City Museum is new to St. Louis since we moved away in 1988. (Wow, that's a long time ago!) It is pretty much Mecca if you're a kid (or a kid at heart, or need to keep a kid busy.) It's a re-claimed warehouse/office building with 3+ stories of fun to explore and a human-sized hamster run attached to the outside of the building. Oh yeah, there's also fun on the roof, including a school bus perched OVER the corner, 11 stories up. (Yeah, you can go in. Yeah, the front door opens. Yeah, it's WAAAAY off the ground!!!)

Take a peek!

You'd be surprised by all the places kids found to crawl around and explore. They had a great old arcade. And an area where they collect architectural details from old buildings being demolished. And several slides where you got on the slide on one floor and ended up down a couple stories. (One slide was made from the rollers at the loading docks, only instead of being flat to push boxes into the storage area, it was tilted for a pretty fast ride!)

All in all, if you're intrigued, or have kids, you should go if you get to St. Louis. Skip the added $$ for the roof if your kids are older than 12-13. Entrance bands are good for the whole day, so pack a lunch!

The Fabulous Fox

One morning we went downtown to take a tour of the Fox Theatre. DH had taken me to a Gordon Lightfoot concert there when we were dating. I was excited to get inside again as it is without a doubt THE most ornate theater I've ever been in.

Mr. Fox reportedly built 5 theaters around the country in the late 1920's. All were named "Fox Theatre." The St. Louis Fox was built in 1927-28 and openend in January of 1929, nearly 11 months prior to the stock market crash of Oct. 29, 1929 which ushered in the Great Depression. Hard to believe when you step through the golden doors......

and into the lobby......

When the theater opened in 1929 it was a movie theater. Can you imagine?? There was an older woman with us on the tour who had grown up in St. Louis. She had gone to the movies at The Fox as a girl/young woman. She didn't say an exact date/era, but did report that when she went, the price of admission was $.35 (thirty-five cents!)

The theater holds 4,425 people. The original Wurlitzer organ which was played when the theater first opened (the films were silent movies at the time!) is still at the front. Turns out this is the theater where the famed Stan Kann played the organ for decades. He made many appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (Often had a vacuum in tow!)

Today, the movie screen has been removed and the theater houses live productions. It was nearly demolished in the 1970's after a series of rock performances had "nearly trashed" the interior. Thankfully that didn't happen.

This is the stage from the first of three/four balconies.....

The chandalier is 12' across. The little basket above the front curtain was used in the Fox's production of Phantom of the Opera. The phantom swoops down in very dramatic style to take the audience and cast back to the 1800s.

We got to stand on stage and tour back stage. It was interesting to see the signatures of all the people who've performed there on the walls. I photographed a Santana and Richard Harris who performed in Camelot there. We got to see the five stories of dressing rooms.

We got to walk through the Fox Club, which is the second floor of the theater. It costs member corporations $20 to $25,000 a year to belong. For that they get to bring 8 people per night of a show to dinner 1.5 hours before the show and sit in box seats. We got to try the box seats, and frankly I didn't think the view was very great as the top part of ths stage wasn't visible because of the balcony above.

It was all very interesting. (Even the kids seemed to enjoy the tour.)

Today there are only three Fox Theatres remaining: Atlanta, Detroit and St. Louis. The Atlanta theater is purportedly quite ornate, but a different style altogether. The Detroit Fox is said to be a near duplicate of the St. Louis Fox.

The Fox is in St. Louis' "Arts District" which also houses the Powell Theater (now home to either the symphony or opera, I can't remember.) Here are a few scenes from the blocks immediately surrounding the Fox Theatre.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica

One of the new sites we stopped at while in St. Louis was the Cathedral Basilica. Wow! Here are a few of the highlights.......

The sanctuary (looking to the back from near the front.)

One of the side chapels.

Baptism font.

The altar.

View of altar dome from back.

Another of the four side chapels.

I've never seen such a variety of tpes of marble, mosaic work and gold gilding in my life! I didn't document which year the Pope visited and celebrated mass here to give the church its cathedral/basilica designation. Also failed to realize there was a museum in the basement r.e. the mosaic work. What we did see however, was breathtaking!