Thursday, August 13, 2009

From the Top

I realized I hadn't posted the most obvious photos from our St. Louis trip--those from the arch. Amanda captured most of these, from either the van or at the top. I didn't go up this time, but waited down below with my knitting project in hand.

Enjoy the view!

Arriving at the riverfront:

Bridges over the Mississippi River:


Downtown St. Louis (& beyond!):

Busch Stadium:

The Old Courthouse:

From the base (see the windows at the top??!!):

This last is the only one of the bunch I took. Seeing the city from the top of the arch is pretty cool! If you go: be prepared for a LOOOONG security check point if you go in the north entrance (closest to the parking ramp). [Tip: walk around to the other entrance. Almost no one does, meaning the security line there is WAAAY shorter!] Be prepared to remove your belt and have everything scanned. They do refuse to admit people in this post-9/11 world. They turned the 3 people in line ahead of us around and wouldn't let them in after they failed the metal detector 3 times.

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McVal said...

I remember taking my two oldest up there when they were little. They laid across the windows and stared down. I was a bit freaked as the thing was swaying in the wind at the time too...

I got a picture of your knitted hat! I'll post it when I get a sec. Things are crazy around here. Ryan moved out with no notice yesterday and I haven't been without kleenex since.