Monday, August 17, 2009

From Chart to Mittens

I started in on the mittens I made the chart for. This is what they look like in red and white:

This is the first pair I've done working a different palm pattern than what is on the back of the hand. I really like it!

The blue line in there is where I will put in the thumb once the hand is finished.

We'll see how frustrated I get trying to find the pattern which will make the decreases at the top look ok.

On a completely different note, my recognizance team at the state fair over the weekend reported in Saturday afternoon. Two of my four projects sent in had ribbons attached to them!!! Yeah!! The mittens had a 3rd place ribbon and the entrelac tote which is felted had a 4th place. I'm so happy to have won two ribbons!! I'm the teeniest tad bit disappointed that I didn't do as well, place-wise, as my 2nd Place ribbon of last year......but that minute shadow of dissapointment is quickly overcome by the sheer happiness of receiving two ribbons! (I really only had hopes that the mittens would get a ribbon of some the other is icing on the cake!!)

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McVal said...

I looked all over for mittens with your name on them. I only found the hat! And you did a felting project? We're getting into that at our house.
AND that pattern for the mittens is awesome!
I started a busy gal knitting project over the weekend. (I'm a cheater!) Using a pocket knitter. I'm almost done with one skein of extremely cheap yarn and have an idea of what to finish it up with but I may need some advise... I'll email you with pics one of these days.