Monday, January 07, 2013

A Tale of Two Socks

Happy Monday! (I'm just going to throw that out there and trust that it's an actual possibility....a happy Monday.)

A long while ago, perhaps even over a year ago, I picked up some lovely Knit Picks sock yarn in a terrific fall oranges colorway. I started a pair of socks with it way back then, only to discover after nearly completing the darn thing that the sock was not going to fit anyone I knew.

So I frogged the sock. (For those of you unfamiliar with the knitting term "to frog"--it means that I had to "rip it, rip it" out. Frogging means to unravel all your knitting and take the piece back to the original yarn. It's different from "TINKing" a project. To TINK a project means you "un-knit" a few rows. TINK = "KNIT" backwards. All you lose when tinking is a small amount of time and effort.)

Every time I went into my stash room I passed by the lovely orange yarn. And then, a vision began to form in my mind.

What that color of yarn really needed to be is a pair of socks with a fall leaf motif up the outward facing side of each leg!

Last week I sat down and looked through my stitch dictionaries and found a vine/leaf pattern. Then I created a sock design to suit the yarn perfectly.

Here is the progress I made on it yesterday:

And here is a "close-up" of the leaf detail which will be running up the leg:

Since I'm using the Magic Loop method (did you notice my Signature needles? LOVE them!!), I can try the sock on as I go. And it's going to fit! Yeah!

I'll update you with a photo when the pair is complete!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Inspiration For the New Year

Hi folks! Many people start the new year with lots of ideas, plans, resolutions or goals for the days, weeks and months ahead. Just in case you are in need of some inspiration, here are a couple things I've found inspiration from in the last couple of weeks. Perhaps you'd enjoy them too!

I kind of lost my mojo for the Art Abandonment project as summer's heat zapped my energy and then school resumed. Want to know what/who has gotten me to clean off my creative space and make room for art again? It's Joanna Banana Design Originals right here on Blogspot! You MUST go check out her projects and great mixed media art!

I also think that I have failed to mention the inspiration I get from Star Gazer Creates. She has a lot of unique and varied projects going on. I think you might have a few creative ideas sparked by looking through her blog!

I am finally on Pintrest as well. You can find me HERE. I am always adding new boards. I have a Books Worth Reading board, a couple photography boards, a knitting projects board and several more (including Yummy Bites!)

If you haven't explored Pintrest yet, be forewarned: it's addicting!

In knitting news, I completed 5 scarves for co-workers for the holidays. I also did a brioche rib scarf which has turned out to be for me. And I'm working on a self-designed pair of socks in an autumn oranges varigated yarn that has begged to have embossed leaves running up the side of each leg. We'll see how they turn out. I am using my NEW Signatures needles which my DH gave me for Christmas. They are SO perfect! I love them!

Stay warm!