Friday, January 28, 2011

Mum's the Word

I'm beginning a stealthy project doing a test knit for a designer in Germany. I can't post much information, but I think it's ok to let you know I'm using my Knit Picks Stroll - Kettle Dyed yarn in the colorway "Jay." (Think deep, lovely blue!)

Once the designer has the pattern perfected and up for sale, I'll point you all to it!

Here's something I can show and tell:

This is the pattern Pimpelliese available on Ravelry for free. I'm using my Chroma yarn in the Sunrise colorway. I like it a lot and the pattern is fun to knit. In theory it will only take this one skein of fingering weight yarn. It is a shawlette/scarf.

In caching news, we received our first souvenir for finding enough caches right here in our home state.

That's pretty fun! I'm hoping to add another souvenir in the near future.

Looking forward to the weekend; how about you?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, I've been missing in action lately. Went AWOL without realizing it I guess.

I got sacked by the January "blahs."

I was doing some knitting, but nothing exciting, nothing I really cared about. It was knitting that was simply going through the motions. I did finish a red hat that I made up on the fly...but didn't bother to photograph. The second sock and scarf I was working on are both languising in the piles of stuff in the living room.

I hate it when the "so what"s and "who cares"s set in.

How do you shake the apathy when it comes to visit??

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


A couple of firsts to start the new year! I made my first ever Ebay purchase.
(Yes, that's right...I'm way behind the power curve on that one!)

For $20 plus S&H I received 11 pairs of knitting needles and two balls of cashmere blend yarn.

Which leads to the second first: my first package to ever arrive from China!
(Gotta love those cool customs stickers all over the outside!)

The needles I purchased came with an unexpected bonus:

Each package contained a yarn needle and needle sizer in addition to the 16" circulars!

I decided I needed some 16" needles in a variety of sizes for all the hats I've become interested in doing. Since there is not a 16" size option for my KnitPicks Options set, this seemed a reasonable thing to try. (After all, just the needles were only $12 for 11 sets! Hard to beat!)

The good news is that the needles are light weight, the joins are very smooth and the cord does not twist. I really like them!! They are sized according to the British method so that the package marked Size 16 is really a U.S. 000. That would be great for working colorwork hats in fine yarn!

I also purchased this yarn, (which lead to the title of this post)

The color of the photo is a tad deceiving. It's a very lovely, and vibrant cherry red.

The problem is that it turns out to be more like a fingering weight than a DK or sport weight. I have started no less than four seperate projects with this yarn (it feels wonderful!) and have frogged them all.

I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to what to use this yarn for.

Any suggestions?

Happy Knitting!

ps...I added a button on the side so you can keep track of our progress in geocaching. It should update each time we find another cache.