Tuesday, January 04, 2011


A couple of firsts to start the new year! I made my first ever Ebay purchase.
(Yes, that's right...I'm way behind the power curve on that one!)

For $20 plus S&H I received 11 pairs of knitting needles and two balls of cashmere blend yarn.

Which leads to the second first: my first package to ever arrive from China!
(Gotta love those cool customs stickers all over the outside!)

The needles I purchased came with an unexpected bonus:

Each package contained a yarn needle and needle sizer in addition to the 16" circulars!

I decided I needed some 16" needles in a variety of sizes for all the hats I've become interested in doing. Since there is not a 16" size option for my KnitPicks Options set, this seemed a reasonable thing to try. (After all, just the needles were only $12 for 11 sets! Hard to beat!)

The good news is that the needles are light weight, the joins are very smooth and the cord does not twist. I really like them!! They are sized according to the British method so that the package marked Size 16 is really a U.S. 000. That would be great for working colorwork hats in fine yarn!

I also purchased this yarn, (which lead to the title of this post)

The color of the photo is a tad deceiving. It's a very lovely, and vibrant cherry red.

The problem is that it turns out to be more like a fingering weight than a DK or sport weight. I have started no less than four seperate projects with this yarn (it feels wonderful!) and have frogged them all.

I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to what to use this yarn for.

Any suggestions?

Happy Knitting!

ps...I added a button on the side so you can keep track of our progress in geocaching. It should update each time we find another cache.


Caffeine Girl said...

What a fun package. I think you are quite brave to use needles that lack the familiar American labeling. I love cherry yarn. Have you thought about a fingering-weight scarf? I'm liking Le Petite Pont by Carrie Sullivan.

And I love your new photo. Such a beautiful winter picture.

McVal said...

a vest or just for the heck of it snood?
Cool link on your geocaching!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

So funny that you are just now purchasing from Ebay but also wise because Ebay causes people (me) to spend money, money, money. -- I'm happy the China purchase turned out well for you because I've always been afraid to order Ebay purchases from Asia. -- The yarn is really pretty. I like also the Gathered Scarf, it would make a really nice fingerweight cowl.