Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, I've been missing in action lately. Went AWOL without realizing it I guess.

I got sacked by the January "blahs."

I was doing some knitting, but nothing exciting, nothing I really cared about. It was knitting that was simply going through the motions. I did finish a red hat that I made up on the fly...but didn't bother to photograph. The second sock and scarf I was working on are both languising in the piles of stuff in the living room.

I hate it when the "so what"s and "who cares"s set in.

How do you shake the apathy when it comes to visit??


McVal said...

Wow! You have a BAD case of the January blahs! Just so you know sweetie... I care!

Jenn said...

I'm right there with you. A student in class informed me today that there are officially 55 days until spring. WE CAN MAKE IT! :)