Monday, March 12, 2007


I thought I should post a picture of the finished project. Buttons attached, somewhat blocked (I think those sleeves are going to roll up no matter what I do!) and ready to be delivered this weekend to my 3 yr. old niece. I hope she and her mommy will like it!

I also finished over the weekend the first of the "Loopy Socks" from Knit Picks (using their yarn "Dancing.") This was my first experience with "loop stitch" and it was easy and fun. My 15 yr. old dtr. loves them!

I've already got about 4" out of 7" done on cuff number two, and since they are only 56 stitches around on size US#3 needles, they knit up very quickly.

Well, gotta get to work!
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Fever

Even with huge piles of snow still on the ground, the temperature is rising day by day. Water is dripping and running and puddling all around. Birds are singing. Geese are flying north. And there's a feeling of expectancy in the air. You can smell spring's nearness!

I had lunch with a friend last Friday and she brought me some daffodils. I want to share them with you!

I posted some close-ups of single blooms in my photo gallery. There's a link on the right side of the page.

Happy Shooting, Knitting and Spring!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ok, I'll Admit It

I am disappointed with how the swap turned out for me.

Here are just a few of the pics of packages others received:

Not to mention the box that I myself shipped off. I realize the whole point is that it's better to give than to receive. And I did have fun making that cashmere shrug for Gudron and learning new stitches. It was really fun to imagine her delight in opening the box and discovering the many little treasures I had included.

And it looks like almost everyone else had the same idea and feeling in getting into the spirit of the exchange.

And then my package arrived. In an envelope. A ripped envelope.

I feel guilty about feeling ripped off. (And this is probably why I asked the people putting the swap together at the very beginning what the perameters were for what should be sent/included in the package!) Guilty feelings aside, I do in fact, feel as though I definitely got the short end of the stick.

And I'm not sure I'll do a swap again. At least one that's not clearly defined r.e. how much to spend or include, etc.

Thus the second of my "poor me" themed blog entries. Not that anyone is actually reading them. I'm going to work on my latest pair of socks now.

Happy Knitting!

Follow this link to look at the photo album of the packages people received from their swap partners: