Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moc Crocs

This being sweet corn season in Iowa,
I couldn't resist trying out this lovely
Sockotta yarn from Plymouth that reminds me of the fields and tables in our area. (Not to mention a little blue skies too!)

This is a new pattern to me--it's "Moc Croc Sock" available on the Knit Picks website in their free section. I used US#2 dpns on this project and the finishes sock will fit a women's size 6-7.

I love the way they turned out really looking and feeling almost reptilian! (Not sure the picture does it justice!)

Just had to share......Happy Knitting!


Tracey Carsto said...

I love your socks. :) I haven't done the moc croc socks myself, but it is on my list of things to do. After seeing your socks though, they have moved up my list MUCH closer to the top. :)

Diane said...

They came out beautiful. Love the pattern and the colors you used.

kshotz said...

Thanks Tracey & Diane!