Friday, July 30, 2010

Now The Waiting

The postcards from the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon arrived yesterday. I have always, and still do, maintained that simply to be exhibited is an honor. I know that for the past few years only one in three entries gets hung up and that the number of potential exhibitors and entries continues to increase, making the odds of being a part of the show even tougher.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I turned my postcard over to see the results and found this:

I sent in three entries this year and two of the three will be exhibited! It also appears that I have won a ribbon for one of the two! As a reminder, here are the photographs I sent.

Entered in the Color Plants & Flowers category.

Entered in the Color Iowa Architecture category.

Entered in the Color USA Places category.

We had been talking about whether or not to attend the fair this year. A large factor for me is the heat and humidity of August and my inability to tolerate it for very long without becoming physically ill. However, the arrival of this postcard adds a wrinkle to the mix for me.

(Although there is a reception and award ceremony on August 10, the evening before the fair opens at which I would have the chance to see what I won and which two photos are being shown.)

I also have six entries over in the Varied Industries Building in the Fabric & Threads competition (knitting).

Of course I'd LOVE to know exactly what the results are for both events . . . but for now it's a lesson in patience and waiting.

Happy shooting and knitting!


McVal said...

Don't know where they show the photographs, but the fabrics ones are air conditioned...
Those are beautiful!

Jenn said...

CONGRATS! I would love to get the guts up to submit a few photos to the fair. Maybe next year...I think my hubby and I are going to be at the fair for a short while and I always try to visit the photography exhibit. I'll keep my eye out for yours!

Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations. There are so many good photographers out there that it really is an honor to be exhibited, let alone to win an award. I think you should at least go for the ceremony.

McVal said...

Just took my stuff down yesterday morning. Beautiful stuff there in the Threads area. I've got some STIFF competition!
Looking forward to the preview night on 8/11. Are you coming?

Jenn said...

Your photos were beautiful at the fair. Such an inspiring place to be. So much beauty to see. Thanks for being part of that inspiration!