Sunday, August 01, 2010

August Is . . .

. . . here. (How did that happen??)

August is also the one month of the year that I really would rather live somewhere other than Iowa. (Like Alaska! And I know I'm going to receive some paper wads or rotten tomatoes being thrown in my direction.) It's the hottest and most humid month of the year and that is the type of weather I have become increasingly physically intolerant of as I get older. If it's above 80*F and humid, I tend to become physically ill with a headache and nausea (possibly worse!). It's just not fun.

If I had my way the constant daytime temp would be 55* to 60*F with an overnight low around 45*F.

I went out in the heat yesterday to shoot some photos for an upcoming project at work to celebrate the newest building on our community college campus.

It's the new Student Resource Center which houses the library, book store, Triton Zone bistro and student center. (Kind of the equivalent of a student union.) It was done by the same architects who did the school's Biosciences & Health Science building last year. (In fact, it shares space on the geothermal pond designed to aid in the heating and cooling of the buildings.)

Here's a view from across the pond.

Whatever these dog days of summer bring your way, I hope you find a way to enjoy and stay cool!

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