Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Laugh

"Darn it, Jim, I'm a knitter, not a crocheter!"

So please be kind as I put this out there . . .

This is a crochet hat I did to send along with the knitted ones I'm doing for the medical mission to New Guinea.

Please keep in mind, I never really learned to crochet (or at least I don't remember it) other than single crochet and a shell pattern to edge on my knitting. I wasn't even quite sure how to decrease for the top of the hat. I used a few different stitches to accomplish the hat.

A couple other hats I finished are baby/toddler/child sized. One has an i-cord drawstring closing up the top and the other has a seed stitch rim instead of ribbing.

I'm still working on the KAL hat as well....updates to come soon!

Happy knitting! (or hooking for those of you who do crochet!)

1 comment:

McVal said...

Cute! Great cause!
LOVE the Star Trek quote...