Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jojoland Melody Socks

I've been knitting up the lovliest pair of socks for myself from some yarn I had never heard of until I did a swap in an on-line knitting group I'm part of. I received two balls of this lovely yarn from Anne and everyone in my local knitting circle "ooohed" and "aaahed" over the subtle color transitions.

I'm excited about how pretty they are and the yarn feels good too. (I can tell it will bloom when washed as well....always making it even softer!)

In other news, I finished up the Opal black/grey socks for my DD, have been completing more Christmas knits and made it through the extra projects at work. It's been a little odd putting together a December issue in October; thank goodness for Christmas CD's!

Today is my grandmother's 90th I wish her a very happy birthday and look forward to taking her out for lunch next week.

Happy Knitting!


Jen said...

The socks are beautiful! I was noticing the color changes this morning at the knitting group! Thanks so much for having me, and I will definitely try to make it there as much as possible...haven't decided on Monday yet, though. Also, thanks for the short tutorial on the spindle...I am off to try it some more!


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