Saturday, December 08, 2007

2 FO's

I'm plugging away at my usual stack of December projects. The "big giveaway" items for all ladies in the family are done. (Not posting photos as some of the ladies look at this blog. Sorry sis!!)

I have finished a sweater I plan to give for Christmas to someone in the family who wears a size 12 months. I am making a "matching" one in the same yarn, only purple, for the big sister who shall be nameless at this point. Here's the small, boy version:

I knit this using TLC's "Wiggles" yarn which was on sale at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I used acrylic. It's for a baby. It needs to be easy to wash for a mommy who is busy raising two kids and going to college at the same time. Shoot me. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple.

In the meantime I also have two seperate socks started: the third for my "Neopolitan" trio (I started this one last week when I was teaching friends at knitting how to do short rows for toe-up socks.......more on that another time) and one from KnitPicks Memories on size 00 or 000 needles. They are feeling scrumptious!

In the meantime, I knit these:

My friend Joanne was eager to do a pair, so we cast on this week and took off despite other pending Christmas knitting. They were fun to do and I like the thumb gusset staying in ribbing while the rest of the mitten switched to stockinette stich. Very clever. Very simple. Will make more of these for sure!! I used Lambs Pride washable from Nebraska. Good stuff. A little light for the pattern which called for worsted. This was more like a DK weight. But they are nice. I can tell they will be warm, even when wet....which is a HUGE benefit to wool where I live! (It's currently snowing. We are supposed to get 4-6 inches by morning. Did I mention it's not even actually winter yet according to the calendar?????????)

Happy Knitting....and stay warm!

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Nancy Herkness said...

Kim, I'm so taken with the cool ribbing of those mittens. I love that subtle sophistication and will have to remember it for the next time I knit mittens for my DD.

The baby sweater is adorable and "Oh yes, definitely a good idea!" on the acrylic yarn. My DD is 17 years old and I can still remember cursing (in a friendly way, of course) the well-intentioned folks who gave her non-washable wool sweaters when she was an infant. What were they thinking?

I also love the colors of the Neopolitan socks. I'm not even tempted to knit them because you know my position on making socks but I love looking at the fun patterns.

I can't wait to see the other projects you've made--after Christmas.

Happy Holidays from your fellow blogger over at Romancing the Yarn!