Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Socks (again) & Something Completely Different

I finished the socks I was making out of the Regia.

I won this yarn last October from a blog I read (Romancing the Yarn). It's the first time I worked with Regia and I loved it. Great feel and the resulting socks are a dream to wear. I love the colors too! (The older I get, the more I'm into "wild" socks.) Thanks to all the wonderful ladies over at RTY!!!

On another note....

I've started something completely different from anything I've ever knit before.

It's going to be my first shawl. I'm knitting it with laceweight yarn (Alpaca Cloud, 100% Baby Alpaca from Knit Picks in the colorway "Horizon") I'm using the Adamus pattern from mimiknits.com.

This is my first venture with lace knitting, or a shawl for that matter. I'm not sure I was knitting tight enough at the begining, it looks a little wonky. But I've read enough knitting blogs and articles to know that when knitting lace it generally looks pretty wonky until you block it at the end. So I'm hanging in there and planning to complete the pattern and block it before I make any judgements.

The yarn is SOOOOO dreamy! Talk about a pleasure to knit!! It's ubersoft. The resulting fabric thus far feels like a cloud. I'm excited about trying something new!

Happy Knitting!

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