Wednesday, April 09, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

I have a group of women I knit with nearly every week. They have grown into friends. While we knit we share bits and pieces of our lives. Over time, from these bits and pieces begins to emerge a bigger a jigsaw puzzle. We begin to see and appreciate each other in new ways.

One of the ladies in my group wanted to knit socks. However, she was just about to leave for the winter to go to Texas where it was sunny and warm. Alas, sock knitting didn't quite happen.

When she returned she asked me if I would take her yarn and knit her socks.
What could I say? I LOVE knitting socks! She delivered two skeins: one Opal and the other with its label missing. She has tiny size 6 (and very narrow) feet. Here is the first pair completed.

She tried on the first one and it fit perfectly, so I made the second just like the first. This is the yarn that had no label.

The other pair I'm doing from the toe up just to give her a sense and feel for how the two construction methods differ.

Now the word is out......I suspect I might be coming into some more sock yarn to knit for others in the group!

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