Monday, June 16, 2008

Biting the Bullet

Here's hoping this works!

I must say I about killed my back doing this! If only there were someone out there who was a professional blocker and we could knit things and then this good-hearted, kind soul would block it for you. I'd even be willing to send yarn for the person to keep! (or pay a fee!)

Still, I've got more laceweight in the stash, so I'd better learn to suck it up, eh?

Since this is my first attempt, I'm still a bit leary/dubious about what happens when the pins and wires are pulled. Here's hoping it doesn't go back to looking like something my cat coughed up on the carpet!

1 comment:

Knitman said...

This shawl looks gorgeous. Ii also like your photography. A professional photographer friend of mine is going to do a portrait of me and my dogs.