Friday, October 31, 2008

Hermione & Luna

Dressed for "Witch/Wizard Wednesday" during "Haunted Homecoming" week for school, my daughter and her best friend were the best-dressed witches from Hogwarts in my opinion.

My favorite parts of the costumes?

1. The real radishes Luna is wearing for earrings!

2. The U.S. #10 Brittany birch needles transformed into wands.

3. The socks. You gotta love the socks!

4. Hermione's time-turner necklace.

Luna's Quibbler is posed just right so that you can't see the official Ravenclaw house badge on her uniform sweater, but it's there too!

Happy Halloween!


Pren said...

omg! *DED* they are so cute. i especially love that luna is wearing two different socks hahaha. very lunaish :0)
prendolyn wilcox- Reducio sock!

Knitman said...

ONLine sock yarn is is really ice. I have quite a lot of it. I have several 'collections', meaning the whole range of a particular colourway. Like Beach, India and more.
The girls look like they are having fun just as children ought to. I loved all the HP books and films.