Monday, December 01, 2008


Thanksgiving has come and gone once more. We had a delicious dinner at home on Thursday. Amanda worked the 5:30 am stampede at Target while the rest of us dispersed to other shopping destinations on Friday. Finally wrapped up and got home about 5:30 pm. Went to my sister's on Saturday and enjoyed extended family time with sibs and step-dad. Jeff was there and it was really nice to see him again. Here are some pics of the event!

We had just finished playing "Would You Rather" which Jeremy won by letting Sara draw a mustache and glasses on his face with an eye liner. (You had to be there.) He is not a Malawi warrior.

Gratuitous kid pics:

All in all I'd say that was a much better way to spend Saturday than in the Emergency Room, which almost happened. (But that's a story for another time and place.)

We drove home in heavy fog and drizzle, but thankfully the roads didn't get slippery. We got about 1/2 inch of snow on Sunday and the cold air is settling in.

Only 24 days until Christmas!


Val M said...

Wow! That's got to be Jeremy's son in one of those pics! If not, someone in your family knows how to clone. Brings back our younger days!

kshotz said...

Right you are! Both of the little ones are his...and so much fun to be with. Cora will be 5 in January and tells everyone I'm her "best friend." Logan will be 2 in April.