Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Parting Shots

One of my favorite parts of putting together the Fort Dodge Today magazine each month is doing the "Parting Shot" on the last page. I get to showcase a photo and find a quote to go with it. Ususally I try to attach it to some theme for the month or a theme of one of the articles. Sometimes it's my only chance to draw attention to a holiday or such when there hasn't been room to do so elsewhere in the preceding pages.

The Parting Shot always runs on page 40, the final page of the issue. This will be the Parting Shot for our upcoming April 2009 issue, which is still in layout and not due to hit the racks until March 20 or thereabouts.

Consider this your "insider" sneak peek!

My friend, Regina, who has been the head of the art department since I've been working for the paper is changing positions. She will become the webmaster for our newspaper and its associated publications (including the Fort Dodge Today magazine).

Regina will be setting me up with a blog on that site in the near future. There I'll post photos now and again with commentary or quotes or "how-to" photography info. Stay tuned and I'll let you know when it's up and running!

Happy Shooting (& Knitting!)


mcstitch said...

Beautiful butterfly and flower photo!

kshotz said...

Thanks much!