Monday, September 07, 2009

Mitten Monday

Well, after a weekend of knitting fury, I am making progress on more mittens for Christmas.

Here is the completed pair which are my own chart/design. They turned out well I think! (Although there are some minor differences I can't account for since I knit them exactly the same way....but hopefully whoever receives them won't notice!!)

Queen of Hearts

This is a detail section from a pair I completed a few weeks ago, but haven't shown. I have a receipient for this pair. It was done using one of the charts from Lizbeth Upitis' book of Latvian Mittens, however I changed out the cuff to corrugated ribbing, which may be my favorite part of this pair.

Finally, this is the pair I've begun this afternoon. I'm using one of Lizbeth's charts for this pair as well, again switching out to a corrugated rib cuff. The friend this is intended for loves this color combination of the blue/brown and who can blame her? I think they're going to look terrific when done!!

That's the news from my knitting nest . . . how are your projects coming along?

Happy Knitting!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, I love your mittens. Will you be issuing a pattern for them ? And the brown and blue ones are pretty also. I love that color combination.

McVal said...

A.dor.a.ble! I finished my funky top for Meri and I think the shoulders need a rework... The neckline is too big also. darn. I'll try it again for Maddy this time, but leave off the frills. She doesn't do "funky".
Then I better get to work on my Christmas presents too! Someone's blog said 108? days until then? AHHH!HH!!
I haven't started.

Marie-Jolie said...

Beautiful! I am just preparing my Christmas knitting list, and mittens are sure to be on it. And I ask myself, once again, why do I wait until September to start knitting for Christmas? Eek!

Marie Greene