Monday, November 23, 2009

I Got Crabs!

We went to visit DD at college and spend some time with my brother's family on Saturday. It was a great day excpet for the fact we blew a tire just as we were getting back into town at the end of the day.

After a 50 minute delay of changing tires, we arrived home where my family was convinced someone's package had been delivered to the wrong address. It was for Emma Densaugo....which as it turns out, is my Harry Potter name for the Reducio swap group on Ravelry!

I was very excited to see a package! And it contained some really awesome stuff too!

I chose to be in Hufflepuff for this swap since I have socks from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw already. How cool that my partner beaded the sock!! The theme for this swap was "A Weasley Christmas/Yule", thus the stocking as well.

In addition, my spoiler (Katt) put in: a mini skein in a gorgeous red, Tazo teas, some stitch markers, a really cool art card she made that features some dyed fabric and feathers, and some incredibly cute crab cakes, with the most adorable crabs I've ever seen!

(I know! Right?! You're ooohing and ahhhing as well, aren't you?!)

Her note, written in verse, gives a little i.d. to each one. How fun, eh?

I'll post some more close-up photos tomorrow!

Happy Monday!


Helga said...

What a great package - is that knitted Christmas candy??

McVal said...

LOL! For a second there I thought you were serious...

kshotz said...

Hi Helga! They are actually miniature crabs atop crab cakes. The purple one is a king crab, thus the "crown" of gold. Too cute, aren't they?