Friday, December 11, 2009

Blue Christmas

Looks like the Christmas season might be a bit blue at our house. My hubby is anything but in the spirit after more news reports about the governor's impending action. (Mr. Culver says he's going to sign an executive order next week which will eliminate severl IT jobs in the state under the guise of "consolidating" government. Doug's job will likely be elimanated. Ho. Ho. Ho.)

Nothing says, "Merry Christmas" like standing in line at the unemployment office.

I know he's uber stressed and beginning to be depressed as well. If we didn't have kids who need medical insurance it might be a bit easier to swallow. I am quite worried about him.

So, it appears that I will be frantically looking for a full-time job with benefits. As will he should the ax fall.

Here's my resume if anyone knows of anything!


Caffeine Girl said...

I'll cross my fingers for your husband's job. I can't believe they say the recession is "technically" over when so many people are still losing jobs.

Cathy said...

I'm sorry. But I do know the feeling. And if I could find a job that would more than pay for the daycare, I would be out looking, too. But in this area--I was barely amking minimum wage before I got pregnant, so there's not a snowball's chance around this area.

kshotz said...

Yeah,....I'm not sure who the "experts" are saying the recession is over or getting seems to just be hitting a peak here in Iowa.

McVal said...

I'm so sorry! We'll be praying for him and you!