Friday, September 03, 2010

Everyday Art

One of the things I really enjoyed about vacation in Door County, Wisconsin was the enclave of artists working in the various communities. Many of them had not only galleries, but studio galleries.

I really enjoyed visiting TR Pottery in Fish Creek. I watched Tony throwing some bowls and it was really fascinating to me how easily the clay forms took shape in his skilled hands.

Another thing I appreciated about TR Pottery is that all of their pieces are designed to be used. They are, in a sense, every day art. I just love that! I bought myself a tea cup there. Something about the fact it has no handle and the way the glaze fired in a sort of yin/yang pattern really spoke to me. I picked it up when I first saw it. I walked around the gallery looking at all the pieces available, but I couldn't put down "my" cup. Don't you think it's lovely?

I have my morning cup of tea or mate in it each day and I savor every sip. Thanks TR Pottery for adding a touch of beauty to my day!


McVal said...

It's beautiful! Is it hot to touch with hot tea in it?

kshotz said...

Surprisingly, not so much. I have no trouble holding it, especially the first cup. If I do a refill immediately it gets too warm to hold onto constantly, but I can set it on a saucer and drink or pick it up for a quick sip until it cools a tad. My goal is to find an equally lovely little hand-crafted saucer to go with it.