Monday, December 20, 2010

Disappointment Thy Name Is...

Knit Picks Andean Chullo kit.

After doing a lot of Latvian mittens last year for the holidays, I kind of fell in love with doing stranded color work in knitting. When Knit Picks advertised their Andean Chullo hat kit last fall, I ordered one as soon as I could, knowing it would be fun to try.

Here's the photo of the completed hat which comes with the pattern:

Now if I had been savy and listening to a recent book of knitting advice I was reading, I should have known something was amiss at this point in the project.

Can you see what my clue should have been?

Yes, at no point does this hat actually appear on a real/actual HUMAN head. The only shots of it are on this clear dummy head. Right there I should have been asking myself "what's wrong with this hat that they don't have a live model in it?"

(My recent knitting advice said to always eye suspiciously the way any photos which accompany patterns are presented. Is the person standing or sitting funny? Are they showing the item from only one angle? What does the way they photographed it on the model say about potential pit falls/problems with the pattern?)

Ignoring that advice and plunging straight ahead like the mighty knitting fool I am, here's what I ended up with:

Yes, it was lovely to knit. I had fun doing the color work. I liked the patterns, especially the llamas.

But dudes.....


It is way, WAY too tall to fit a normal human head without looking completely silly!! (Can you see there are a good 4" to 6" of hat above the top of the head that just sticks up or flops over?!)

If you are related to Herman Munster or happen to know any members of the Conehead family, this hat would be perfect.

But don't expect your 17 year old DS to wear it, no matter how kind hearted he is to his dear, batty, old, yarn-crazed mom.

It just doesn't fit.

Oh, and I could have done without the serious, raging sinus cold/respiratory flu right before Christmas.

Happy Knitting!
(I'm going to get some more tea.....)


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow. It is a lovely pattern and you did a great job on it. Too bad you can't un-do the top and take a few of the row charts off. Oooooooh. I'm disappointed at Knit Picks.

McVal said...

Oh dear! It IS beautiful tho! Can't your DS fold up the flaps and part of the edge and make it fit? hmmm.. I made a skirt a couple summers ago and didn't bother to check the measurements. No way was it fitting me... But every mistake teaches a lesson! Good for you!
I'm still planning on Thursday afternoon even if you can't be there.

Caffeine Girl said...

How aggravating! You did such a good job with the knitting. The hat is just gorgeous.

This is the kind of story that makes me want to stick with the viral knits -- the ones that at least 100 other people have successfully completed.