Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Owl Arrived

In order to help you better understand why this little owl's arrival on the wires outside my back door is so significant to me, I must first tell you about hawks.

I have long harbored the private, personal belief that hawks are a type of spirit guide to me. Whenever I see a hawk when we travel, whether in flight or perched on a roadsign, wire, fencepost or tree, a sense of peace, calm and joy comes over me and I feel that our travels are "blessed" in a way.

When we leave on intentional journeys like a family vacation or even a day trip to have fun or visit friends or family I often intentionally seek out a hawk sighting. I scan the tree line, watch the wires and notice every bird in flight. I usually spot what I'm looking for within the first 15 minutes of our trip.

Other times I have left home to hop in the car in a harried frenzie. I may be worried, anxious, tired, running late or a multitude of other reasons that threaten to get the journey off on the wrong foot. Invariably those are the times the hawk along the way makes itself known to me as if to say, "Relax! I've got you covered!"

O.k., change of thought.

As a photographer who loves photographing nature one of the things I have long admired in the portfolios of others are shots of owls. I have heard stories of family (in the middle of the Twin Cities no less!!) returning home late at night to owl song in their neighborhood. I have harbored jealousies...always hoping that one day I might be lucky enough to witness these elusive and shy creatures myself (preferrably with camera in hand!)

Today when my DH came home from work he "whisper" shouted my name from the back door. "Bring your camera!!"

Here's what (or should I say who) is sitting on the wires just outside my back door:

I have yet to google this bird to see which exact species of owl I have outside my door, but whatever kind it is, I believe it is a special message sent just for me.

You see, my grandmother died yesterday.

She was 93 and the only grandparent I had. She was a wonderful grandma to me and I loved her dearly.

Somehow this wonderful creature has appeared just when I needed reassurance and hope. It has blessed me the way that grandma did so many times throughout my life.

The last few times my grandma and I talked she spoke of her eagerness to be reunited with her long-dead family members, her parents, siblings, nieces and nephews who had gone before. I think she had a wonderful Valentine's day reunion with everyone she had been missing these past few years.

This little owl assures me all is well, both for grandma and for me.


Sharon said...

Blessings....how wonderful.

GailR said...

That is a red phase Screech owl. There is also a gray phase - just sub gray for the red. I love that they can be short and roundish or pull themselves up skinny and taller.

McVal said...

Prayers for your family. That owl is such a sweet surprise!

Caffeine Girl said...

Condolences on the death of your grandmother. She sounds like a lovely person.

It's almost eerie the way that owl showed up. It seems like a little gift from the universe!

I've been dealing with a handful of disasters, including the loss of my domain name. Please come visit me at my new home: www.caffeinegirlknits.com

goldenbird said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. What a wonderful assurance that all is well.

I feel about owls the way you feel about hawks. It's is sort of an obsession. Your owl is gorgeous-- I've never seen one like that.

goldenbird said...

PS. It is nice to meet another knnitter who loves birds. I found you through Caffeine Girl.