Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back From the Edge

Yes, I took a trip to the edge, both metaphorically and literally.

First, the metaphorical....

I had a bit of a rough patch at work last week, and while I thought blogging might help, I ultimately decided to delete the posts. In hindsight, I'm sure this was the prudent (if not kind) thing to do.

'Nuf said.

As for my literal trip to the edge, we traveled to the edge of our state this past week end in order to attend three family graduations.

While this may look like an ordinary graduation memory, it's really quite a special and extraordinary moment. This is my baby brother (who is a good 6" taller than me!) and his wife. They graduated with their accounting degrees this past weekend. What the first photo doesn't show is the reality of how they did it . . .

. . . while raising two little ones and working full time as the night manager of a local hotel. I couldn't be more proud of them!!!!! They deserve a TON of accolades and kudos and bravos on a job well done.

Love you guys!!

Also, my nephew graduated from high school this past weekend as well. He's off to finish up some military training with the army this summer and will graduate from AIT at the end of the summer. He is a fine young man and I'm very proud of him as well. Way to go N!!!!!!!

To top off an already joyous weekend, I received my Reducio Swap package over the weekend! Look at these goodies!!!!!............

It arrived all the way from Connecticut and had some WONDERFUL stuff tucked inside!

A mandrake (passed out a couple times before I got the poor thing potted!) per the herbology assignment.

A cute pedicure/sandals sock in Ravenclaw colors. (Love that it goes with summer! It's 90* here today, so the open toe is well appreciated!)

Some lovely hand-made stitch markers.

An uber-cool Gryffindor bag which is now my knitting tools/trinkets bag!

Some delicious chocolate in favorite flavors.....(also handy if dementors attack!)

And la piece de resistance . . . some mohair roving procured at a local fiber festival and tucked in for me to spin on my spindle!! (How totally awesome is that?!?!!)

I can't thank my swap partner enough!!
Knitters are such great people!!

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McVal said...

Congratulations to Jeremy and his wife! Wow!
I remember when we made him think there were bugs on the tv when the bad parts of the Excaliber movie was on. He covered his eyes until the nasty bugs were gone.
What a great man, husband, father he's grown up into!