Wednesday, April 07, 2010


With the arrival of today's mail I now have on the premises all necessary supplies for the making of this year's Christmas gifts for both the women:

and the men:

on my list.


On a completely different note, I'm very excited to say I've been invited to offer a knitting tip/anecdote/pattern which will be published as an epilogue snippet at the back of one of my favorite author's next novel!! More details to come in a few weeks!!

To work now elves....only 261 days until Christmas!


McVal said...

more info please on this book deal you're working on...
Sounds VERY exciting!

Caffeine Girl said...

How amazingly organized! I am chipping away at a few gifts, but you clearly have a plan!

Mary LeMaster said...

Holy christmas count down yet! LOL You seem quite on top of it

Marie-Jolie said...

You are too good! I haven't even begun to think of Christmas knitting. I'm one of those sad sorts who waits until November to even think about it, and by then it's too late! Good for you. :) I'm inspired.