Monday, October 18, 2010

On My Swap Box

My friend in CA and I recently had our annual swap fun. Let me tell you, I am one spoiled knitter! Look what I found when I opened the box!!!

This generous gift makes the box I sent her look pathetic.

She sent not one, or even two(!) skeins of yarn, but rather six! Five of these beauties were hand dyed by me friend. (Isn't she talented?! I'm telling you, she should sell these on Etsy or something!) And the other is Wool In the Woods!! It's so lovely with delicate gold threads running throughout....simply lovely!

Here are the details of what-is-what:

1. Hand dyed wool in greens/golds.
2. Hand dyed in lovely red/scarlet.
3. Hand dyed blues/purple.
4. Hand dyed sock blank in orange/toffee colors. (She knew I struggled with knitting the other one she sent last year and so unknit it and rewound it into two seperate balls.) I really love this one and am saving it for when I feel the dead of winter greys/whites surrounding me. I will need a splash of color and this is perfect!!
5. Autum spice blend to add to my coffee in the morning. This stuff is UNBELIEVABLY delicious!!!
6. Wool In the Woods which I'm thinking is likely to become a shawl....but we'll see.
7. Second hand dyed sock blank. Look, I've already cast on my next pair of socks!
8. Sachet of lavender...smells incredible!
9. Pair of scissors for my knitting kit with lovely bead work attached. I'll always know which pair is mine at knitting group!
10. Stitch markers which match the scissors. (Someone has some mad beading skillz!)
11. Festive ceramic pumpkin. (Looks terrific on my mantle!)
12. Labels to put on my hand knit projects.
13. My favorite treat this time of year!

Now don't you all agree, I'm terribly, horribly spoiled, aren't I???

Want a closer peek? Here you go!

Thank you K!!!!

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McVal said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what you do with it all!