Monday, November 01, 2010


If you are one of the folks who likes to read comments on Blogs, then you might notice a comment on my last post r.e. the use of RIT dye.

It stems from a question I posed over at Marie's blog, Permission to Unwind, about her beautiful newly finished sweater.

(Go peek, I'll wait.)

Isn't that a beautiful sweater she made?

She mentioned having used RIT dye to make it the creamy, hot cocoa color you see in the photos and that got me curious about that particular dyeing process.

I remember my mom using RIT dye to color sheets when we were kids. I believe she simply used our washing machine for the whole process. I've never really looked at the dye too closely. So I was curious as to how Marie was able to dye a wool sweater. She had some great tips, especially to keep the object from felting. I may have to give it a try some time!

Anyone else out there ever used RIT? Do you have any tips to pass along?


McVal said...

I bought some RIT dye but haven't used it yet. Afraid of what it will do to the other laundry when the dying is done and another batch gets thrown in... Do I do yucky towels in the next batch??
Meri has been wanting to dye some satin from an old wedding gown for a project... So I'm curious.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

My mom used RIT in the washing machine also, I just can't remember for what. One day she came up from the basement and the palms of her hands were purplish-navy blue. I have no idea what happened but from that day on I've stayed miles away from the stuff. I do like the thought of dying with Kool-Aid though. Maybe the next person can help you.