Thursday, March 10, 2011


I feel giddy!

I have placed my first cache out in the wild, filled out the forms and sent them to the reviewer.

Now I must wait for him to review and ok publication....then, the fun begins!!

The cache contains a FTF (first to find) Pathtag (collectible coin) for the first one to discover it.

It's also large enough to hold a few very small trade items such as coins. I have been knitting miniature socks to put out in caches, so I put one in this along with a Chinese "good luck" coin. (Nickel in photo is for sizing purposes only.)

I can't wait for it to get published and to have some people visit the cache! I hope they have as much fun discovering it as I did planning it and putting it out there!


McVal said...

Too cool! I'm going to check out your geocache stuff and find it! Wel... someday...

Caffeine Girl said...

The sock is very cute. People who find your cache are going to be so excited!