Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today is PAL, or "Plant A Letterbox" Day. It seemed like the perfect time to put out my coffee house series which I affectionately named "Caffeine Rush" (after the gold rush) when I realized how everyone in my house, sometimes including the 17 yo DS, goes for the "wake me up" beverage first thing upon rising.

There aren't very many letterboxers in my area. I'm hoping by putting out some fun boxes with cool, hand-carved stamps I might entice some others into joining the addiction. (I have to say, the college kids at the one coffee joint seemed pretty interested in the whole concept.) DD helped me with the containers for these and I think folks are going to find them fun to log. (I'd post pictures, but don't want to give anything away!) If you want to see the clues, go to Atlas Quest and once you've found one set of clues you can follow the "Nearby Boxes" link to the others.

Happy Boxing!


McVal said...

OOHHHH!!!! I had no clue what letterboxing was... You learn something new every day!
Have fun!

Caffeine Girl said...

This letterboxing stuff sounds really cool, but I don't think I could stand to part from a hand-made stamp -- if I ever get around to making one!