Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fall's Promise

I have always said that autumn is my favorite season. It is still true. I enoy fall. In fact, I relish it! We had a bit of a cool down over the Labor Day weekend. (Which is great because we got out of school early due to heat indices over 100*F just before the weekend. And I don't do heat very well!) It was lovely enough that on Saturday DH and I went to a road near the local airport to watch the annual skydiving event. The breeze was cool, the sun was bright and our spirits were soaring nearly as high as the planes and parachutes! Fall always puts me in the mood to get active. After having been relegated to the realm of air conditioning, it is my chance to get outdoors once more. I'm eager to go caching and letterboxing again! I'm looking forward to visits to the orchard and walks around the neighborhood. And fall always puts me in the mood to visit a great Rennaissance Festival!
Of course the cooler weather also inspires me to get going on all that knitting too! (Now I have a definited date for a baby shower, so we'll see if the baby blanket gets completed in time, or becomes a birth day present.) (There's also the ability to fire up the oven just around the corner too! Oh what goodness comes from there! Homemade cookies and bread! Casseroles for supper! Baked squash and roasted vegetables! Yum!) What special joys does the change in seasons bring to you?

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McVal said...

mmmmmm. Baked squash! And looking forward to the holidays with family.