Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forgetful Me

So, I received my new Knit Picks catalog on Friday. To my delight, there was a photo of a kit for making some beautiful mittens. Aren't they lovely?

When I saw the picture, I suddenly remembered that I already ordered this kit! I'd better pull it out and get knitting on those if I have any hope of making some for holiday gifts!

Also, we attended my best friend from college's son's wedding yesterday. I got to be the photographer and I took one of the funnest shots I've gotten at a wedding yet of the gals in the bridal party.

My friend (& mother of the groom) sewed not only the bridal gown, but the two ruby bridesmaids dresses and her own gown for the occassion!

I think she's amazing!!


McVal said...

You are TOO kind! And you've GOT to make those mittens. Adorable!

BTW: I think I have just about all the pictures posted on FB now. Getting lots of compliments on your photography & creativity. Great job!

Caffeine Girl said...

I love that photo. What a hoot. Your skills have really become impressive!

I love those mittens, too, but they look too advanced for me. I'll be interested in your experience knitting them.