Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Days

I've been experiencing my first snow days from the staff perspective of the school system. Dare I say, I still kind of like them??!! (We'll see if I still feel that way when I'm off to school in June!)

At the risk of totally jinxing my chances of winning (which, who am I kidding....were slim to none in the first place!) I'd like to show you all my next home.

Yes, it's gorgeous, isn't it? It's located near Park City, UT. I should find out in roughly 3 weeks exactly when we get to take possession of the 2012 Dreamhouse. I can't wait!

In knitting news, I am currently working on both a pair of socks (cute pink/brown/cream colorway from Lorna's Laces) and some leg warmers (KnitPicks Bare hand-dyed by my friend Kathleen in CA) for DD.

In photography news, DD is getting into wedding photography! She's working with a friend from church and former fellow Target employee who now owns a wedding planning business. DD has 2 weddings already booked. Yesterday we were working on making up the contract she will use with couples, interview checklists, etc. She meets with her first clients this week! It's very exciting and I know she is going to do such a GREAT job!! Her photography and editing skills continually amaze me. She's really good, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother!

Well, I suppose I'd better go do the dishes. After all, I guess I'm going to have to put this house on the market once I win the new one!!

Have a great day, and Happy Knitting/Shooting!


McVal said...

:) You've GOT to point me in the direction of that contest! That house looks fab. Please invite us over for a housewarming party!
Good on DD!!! What a great opportunity for her! After seeing all the photos you guys took at Ryan's wedding, I know she'll have wonderful success in this biz!

McVal said...

You've been tagged...