Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Road

Took a road trip today . . . can you guess where I went? Here's the first hint:

Any guesses? I suppose this isn't really fair as this lamp could be just about anywhere and in any number of venues. How about if I widen out the shot for you?

Now what do you think? Is there a bit more context for you to make a guess? Perhaps you'd like to see something from the exterior of the place I visited. Ok, here you go:

Think you might be on to something? Sensing a theme? style? Let me widen the shot for you again.

That's right! You've guessed that this might be a Frank Lloyd Wright building. But which one? where?

This is Wright's Historic Park Inn and City National Bank building in Mason City, Iowa. The structure has been fully restored with the bank having been converted to the ballroom for the hotel. It is amazing! We were able to visit the first floor level with the lobby and ballroom as well as the lower level which houses a lovely bar and pool lounge. (more photos to come later!)

While in Mason City, we also drove over to the other Frank Lloyd Wright building in town, the Stockman House which is in Wright's classic Prairie Style.

Unfortunately, the home will not be opening for tours for several more weeks. (No one expects summer-like temperature this early in March!) Thus, we were unable to tour or take photos of the interior.

We also enjoyed some other stops on the way, but I shall save those for another day. So happy to be on spring break this week!


McVal said...

How beautiful is that?!

Caffeine Girl said...

If you like FLW, you must come to Madison at some point. Even better, visit Talieson in Spring Green and view his house and school. The tours are excellent!

I'll even meet you out there for lunch -- wouldn't that be fun!

kshotz said...

Oooh, that would be excellent! I was in Spring Green years ago, but the kids were too small to do the Talieson tour so I skipped it. I'd love to visit Madison as well. I've driven through and noted that I must get back there--so much to see and do!