Monday, July 09, 2012

What I Found

This post begins with an admission: my family has gotten the bug for going to garage sales together on Saturday mornings. (Garage sales = tag sales in some parts of the country. a.k.a. "yard sales".) We also enjoy Estate Sales! So for the past couple of months we get up, check the newspaper, circle our destinations, and head out to see what great treasures we might find out there.

I've decided I might share some of my finds with you on these early days of the week!

I've been doing a lot of reading lately (I have completed a couple of the Alexander McCall Smith series "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series. Fun! Quick reads!) One of the series I wanted to try is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonovich. I can never find the first book! Not at the library. Not via the electronic downloads to my Nook. Nada.

However, on the third stop along the garage sale circuit this past Saturday, guess what I found?

That's right! The first THREE books in the series all in one bundle! And...I only paid $1 for the whole shebang!


This turned out to be a really fun sale because there were two neighbors also selling which meant three garages all in ONE spot!

Across the way I spotted this bit of vintage looking fabric:

It was a bundle of four cloth napkins for again, $1 (yes! just a buck!) Something about the retro colors and potential pattern pulled me in and I bought them. And this is what they look like unfolded!

I realize beauty may be in the eye of the beholder on this, but I think they are absolutely fabulous!! I'm looking for ideas on ways to use/display them. Framing would be fun if I had some others to go on the wall in a collage. I've seen window valences made from them. I'm wondering if it's possible to fashion an apron using one and some other fabric? (I'm really into aprons for some reason!)

For now, I'm going to let the ideas simmer. You never know what I'll find next Saturday!

If you're going out to any garage/tag sales I wish you happy hunting!

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McVal said...

Those are awesome! What if you made some pillows out of them? Throw pillows for a couch or bed? It could be front and back or 4 pillows with matching fabric on the backs.
OR... place mats... OR... hmm.. Not sure how you'd make aprons out of them, but you GO girl!