Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Next Obsession

Little Free Library. That is my next obsession!! I must figure out a way to put one in my yard!

Don't know what a Little Free Library is? It's a movement founded by a guy in Wisconsin in 2009. He built a little one-room school house to hold books in honor of his mother who had passed away. She was a school teacher. He wanted to promote reading and improve neighborhood spirit. So he put it in his yard and invited people to take a book, leave a book. You should Google it! Here's a photo of one I swiped from the web:

If you Google images of little free libraries, you'll discover that they come in all different shapes and sizes! I'd love to see a few sprout up around town. Having worked in one of the elementary schools, I know that there are a LOT of kids in this town who have never been downtown to the public library. Wouldn't it be cool if a little library popped up right in their own neighborhood? Or in the park they go to? (Hint to the city. And Webster County DNR!!)

Also, I have plenty of books to get a few of these libraries up and running! We still have a plethora of children's books from our kids. I am getting free books/advance reader copies of new releases of adult fiction and non-fiction on occasion. I have plenty of tomes I've picked up at library book sales. Just saying . . .

It would be so great to share the books!!!

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