Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm In!

I couldn't figure out a way to put this button on my sidebar (code illiterate here!) so I figured I'd just add it into a post as a photo.

I'm really excited about Sock Wars!! I've never participated in anything like this before and I'm thrilled by the prospect of getting a pair of socks just for me that someone else took the time to do. Even more terrific if they happen to come from some "exotic" foreign place like Norway or Australia or Seattle (just kidding, though I've never been to Seattle and hope to go one day!)

Anyway the knitting begins on Sept. 22 and I hope to make it through round one alive! We have to use DK weight yarn, so I'm busy searching my stash for something acceptable (I've got a TON of fingering weight sock yarn! Drat!)

If anyone reading this happens to be a fellow warrior, be sure to say hey in the comments! If you want to read more about the event, check out yarnmonkey's blog. (Too late to sign up for this year though I'm afraid......sorry!)


donnac1968 said...

Hi fellow warrior, I'm in the UK, maybe you'll get me??? I'm at a disadvantage as I will be away till the 29th with no internet access, so may be "dead" before I even start!! Gonna be exciting though. Best of luck, Donna

kshotz said...

Thanks! I think it will be great fun. I got some new yarn I need to test gauge on--better do that soon I guess! Hope you are traveling from home for pleasure, not work! Kim