Thursday, September 07, 2006


As I was going through photography school the past coupple of years I suspected that I might end up doing portrait work. You see, I like shooting people (with a camera of course!) I can relate to people of all ages and when I get shots like this for family, I believe I have the skills to make a fine portrait photographer.

The problem is that our town already has enough portrait studios. There wasn't really such a need for that in this area. What to do?

Well, I'm so thrilled to say that following through and doing my best on all the other units of photography (nature, photojournalism, commercial, sports, architectural, etc.) has really paid off!! I've just landed a part-time job with our local newspaper shooting some sports as well as commercial/advertising shoots as well!! I'm so excited and thrilled to have this chance to do something that I dearly love: take my camera, shoot photos and get paid! It's a dream come true for me! What's more, I'll also get to do some freelance writing for them (another thing I enjoy!)

I know that paragraph has way too many exclamation points in it. Sorry! I'm just so excited that I had to share!

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