Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Mailman Cometh!!!

Well, I have completed my Socks of Doom for Sock Wars 2006 and actually put them into the mail at 2:09 this afternoon! Of course I am not posting a picture of them here for my target to spot and ruin all the fun when they arrive at her doorstep. Now that they're off (with a postcard from my town and 2 candy bars made in my hometown and sold only is a small area of Iowa--hope she likes them!!)......I'm a bit worried that the socks I made are actually a bit boring. I'm worried she won't like them at all! (sheeesh, I hate being a perfectionist and worry wart!) I don't think they're the sort of socks one wears with shoes as the fabric is just too thick. (I figured that was going to be a problem when I saw we were using DK weight yarn instead of fingering weight.) So my sock yarn was chosen with the idea of being more like slipper socks than regular.

Anywho........I'm done knitting for that project and feeling a bit let down now that things are out of my hands for the time being! I could use a good hand massage . . . . and a cup of chai . . . . and some chocolate ice cream. Then maybe I'll get back to my Christmas socks and afghan projects until such time as a package arrives at my door with more socks of doom to knit or a lovely pair that kills me off!

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