Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Getting the Knack of It

Here it is, sweater #2. This one is done top down following the Daisy Cardigan pattern from The Garter Belt. The pattern was done by Marie Grace Smith.

This one is a size 4T and should fit my niece beautifully! I still have to block it (hoping it will work with this acrylic yarn!!) and figure out closures (debating about what to use....I-cord loops and buttons....ribbons to tie??) and whether or not to embroider the flowers along the bottom.

I did switch up the pattern a bit and did 5 rows of garter stitch at the bottom before the picot bind off. I thought it would match the garter edging along the fronts and neck line and prevent the curling which you can see happened on the sleeves.

Also, you'll notice I completed a hat to match the first sweater for the yet-to-be-born nephew. (See post before this one!)

Now I must force myself to go back and finish the second sock in that lovely S'mores colorway. The Knit Picks yarn is really wonderful to work with. I've just had my worst case of SSS (second sock syndrome) EVER!!! [Dare I wonder if I knit too many pairs for Christmas!???! Eeegad!]

Well, I've got stitches to knit and photos to process for my magazine deadline at the end of the week.

Happy Knitting and Shooting!


monica said...

Your sweater is beautiful. I usually just throw my acrylic knits in the washing machine and lay them flat to dry.

kshotz said...

Thanks Monica!