Monday, February 26, 2007

I Would Have Been Knitting...BUT

The weather had me imprisoned in a never-ending cycle of shoveling and scooping!
We got socked with a big winter storm over the weekend. It started with thunder and lightning on Friday which turned over to sleet/ice overnight. Woke up to about 1/4 inch of ice on Saturday morning and by noon it turned over to snow which continued until Sunday night. In the end we got about 10" of it! We kept going out to shovel every 2 inches or so in order to keep up and not kill our backs. (It was the wet, heavy stuff!)
I did actually finish the pair of KnitPicks socks I was doing in the s'mores colorway and I started a quick pair of slipper socks in 100% bamboo DK weight on US #5 dpns. Pictures later. I've got to get kids to school (we had a late start), finish scooping the driveway and front walk for the mailman and get to work on my project for the newspaper.

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