Wednesday, February 07, 2007

She Shoots......She SCORES!!!

Ok, this phrase always reminds me of watching hockey (although admittedly the pronoun is usually "he" in that situation!) It happens, as you may know or guess, each time a player makes . . .

. . . what??? . . .

. . . oh yes.....ahem.....

A GOAL!!!!!!

(Drum roll please!)

I have made one of my 2007 knitting goals!

(cue rauckus applause!)

I completed a "5 Hour Baby Sweater" this morning, thus fulfilling my goal of making a sweater. It is intended for my yet-to-be-born nephew who is due end of March/beginning of April. (If you're reading this say a quick prayer for my SIL who is having very premature labor and is trying to have bed rest at home with a very active & sweet 3 year old dtr!!!)

Without further ado, here's the sweater!

Now we just hope the baby will hold out another month before insisting on joining us!
I will make a hat to match.

And something for big sister too!

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monica said...

Don't you love that 5 hour baby sweater. Nothing like a quick knit for some instant gratification. I love the colors. I really like your sock in the previous posts, it looks very nice.