Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Love My Mailman

I know this is treading on dangerous ground for a gal who works out of a home office, but I think I'm in love with the mailman. Look what he's been bringing me!

This is my swap package from Ann B. on my Illusion Knitting group. She has totally spoiled me for the Halloween swap! (And I feel totally guilty that the box I sent her direction was not packed as full!!) The illusion cloth she knit is SOOO cute! All the goodies: chocolate, coffee, tea, sock yarn, roving, a journal, scrapbooking items, angels......my goodness! Thank you Ann!

Over the weekend the mailman delivered another box from KnitPicks as well. The first one, last Thursday had contained by new Harmony dpns (which I've been working with all weekend on a new sock made from Trekking XXL. Getting the hang of this toe-up thing!)

I am LOVING this color of Trekking by the way! I'm keeping this pair for myself. The Harmony dpns are terrific. More grip to them than my metal ones, but less than my Britanny's (which had become "unusable" in my book due to how much they slow me down.)

Anyway....then over the weekend the mailman brought my second box from KP which had my interchangeable needles! Yeah!! I confess I haven't tried them out yet since I've got the socks in progress, but I have three projects cued up for which I was waiting to get these needles. So I'm very excited!

Thank you Mr. Postman!!!!!!!!!

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