Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super Hero Saturday (or Farewell to Nathan)

My sister gathered a bunch of us together on Saturday to wish my nephew a fond farewell as he heads off to boot camp next week. He will be going to training for the Army down in Oklahoma next week and will return in early August. Fortunately, in addition to my nephew who is following his calling to military service, our gathering included a couple other Super Heroes from our family:

Sunshine Boy


Bubble Girl

When they aren't pursuing their super hero roles, they are - in "normal" life - my brother's kids.

In the background there you can spot my sister's youngest as well. (She's got three boys, the oldest of which just turned 17 in March and was the center of the festivities!)

As you might detect the youngest of my brother's children also has a second characteristic: he loves cookies! (Ok, this may be simply a family/genetic trait as most of us in the family tend to like cookies. It's quite possible he is surrounded completely by enablers in this area. Hopefully he will develop relationships with fruit lovers as he grows and makes his own friends and romantic connections.)

As you can see, this little corner of the world has finally turned green and decided to bloom.....YEAH! It was a perfect day filled with too much food, lots of sunshine, watching kids play together, too much food, and a beautiful "breeze" (stiff wind is more the truth, but it was lovely nonetheless!)

I hope Nathan has a good summer. I hope that this choice is just the right thing for him. I hope he knows he starts this venture with lots of family who love him and want him to succeed. We'll be thinking of you all summer!

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